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Until recently most people thought of daylilies as being yellow or orange but times have changed!

Daylilies come in all colours of the rainbow from white through all shades of yellow, buff, peach, pink, apricot, coral, scarlet, crimson, purple, lavender and more. The hybridizer who produces the first true blue daylily will become world famous in the daylily world! A great number of daylilies have 2 or 3 colours in each bloom – the combinations are endless. The strap like leaves always look fresh and green. Some are elegant, some are dainty, others offer bold, in your face colour.

Shape and size
Some are 12 inches tall, some are 5 feet. They are easy to grow, fully hardy and will tolerate full sun or partial shade. Add to this the different flower forms, fragrance in many cultivars and a flowering season from early summer through to autumn and you have some stunning plants. The flower form can be a trumpet, star, triangular, round or possibly the most stunning of all - spider with long, thin curling petals. Some have dainty petals, others have thick petals with prominent midribs, ruffled edges and coloured throats, some are double. Each flower stem or scape carries several buds. There are hemerocallis to suit all tastes and they can be addictive!

Although hemerocallis originated in China and the Far East, breeders around the world have created more than 58,000 different hybrids and cultivars. A great many of these come from America. Coldharbour Nursery has a large collection to which it is continually adding. A lot of these have come direct from the States and are only available from Coldharbour Nursery.

Our daylilies
Coldharbour Nursery supplies healthy, container-grown plants, mainly 2 or 3 litre pots , some of the smaller varieties are in 1 litre pots. We will take orders for collection at any of the shows we attend.

British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society
If you love hostas and daylilies you should consider joining the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society. For a small annual membership you have access to a lot of help and information, meetings and events all round the country and a superb annual bulletin plus newsletters and the opportunity to meet a group of very knowledgeable and friendly people. Their very informative website is www.hostahem.org.uk or you can write to the address given right.

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